Thursday, February 4, 2010

Long Week

It's been a long week. Sunday night they guys picked us up and we went out to dinner and to watch the "handball" championship game. It's a funny game. It seems made up to me. It's a cross between basketball and soccer with a soccer goal but with all the same rules as basketball. The only thing that seems to make it hard is that there is a fairly large blue 1/2 circle around the goal which the players can't cross. Just seems a little funny to me. Anyway, France won!

Monday both Mamie and I woke up to our alarms at 8am. I lied there for about 1/2 hour trying to get myself to get out of bed. Then I heard Mamie's voice from across the room asking, "What time is our class? Cuz I thought it was at 9am but I have it written down in my planner as 2pm." I rolled over to check mine and sure enough...our class was at 2pm. We both went back to bed. It was the first day of our French written language class. We have the same teacher for our Oral class so that was nice. After that I had my French Law class. It's to learn judicial French and also to learn how government works in France. I like it because it's learning about a concept in French other than learning the actual language. Tuesday I changed had the last course of my Level 1 English-French translation. I wasn't getting anything from the class and I sat with one girl from Scotland and another guy from England so we spoke English anyway. I figured I could switch classes to an international student class and get more out of it as well as get more credits. So I went one last time to that course. Nicholas, the guy from England tried to convince me to stay in it. But I can't handle it! I just sit there for 2 hours looking at the wall wishing I could understand her. Not worth it. So I went to the ERASMUS class (for international students) instead. It wasn't great but I've heard it's better so I'll probably enjoy that more.

Wednesday was my full class day. I start class at 1:30 and don't stop till 8:15 that night. First I have Spanish Translation. I like that course but sometimes it's hard to follow both languages. Also my teacher keeps saying things about the US and silly phrases in English. I can't tell if she's making fun of me or if she's just being funny. I think it's the latter. She seems really sweet to me. Next I have creative writing, however it was one of the worst classes I've sat through last week so I decided not to go back since I found out choir counts for credit. Instead I went shopping with Valeria and Mamie. I got a cute new dress and some cute shoes. I have no idea how I'm going to get this all home!! Choir started at 6pm so after shopping I went straight there. It was long for some reason that day because I was falling asleep. But I got the dates for my choir concerts so I know when I'll be singing in the Grand Theatre!
We missed dinner by the time we got home, but so did Mamie and Valeria because of their class so we all ate together. We decided to speak French all through dinner which was really fun...we ended up correcting each other a lot which got to be pretty hilarious. I think we should just do that all the time. We use a lot of Frenglish, but it's better than nothing!

Today I had only one class. Spanish's really just to help me not forget my Spanish. I met a girl named Julie. She was nice and she talked really slow so I could understand her. I've decided I need to sit down in introduce myself to the people that I sit by. I'm not speaking enough French.
None of us have class tomorrow so we're going to go dancing tonight. I'm going to wear my new dress and shoes :) Well, I smell dinner so I'm going to go. Love from France!

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