Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last Day in Paris

Today we woke later than usual on purpose. Today was just a day to see the little random things we missed, and to wander the city. We got up but there was no hot water so instead of showering we packed our bags so we would be ready to leave tonight. We went back to Starbucks to get some chai tea and on the way we picked up pain au chocolat.

We started wandering towards the Eiffel Tower and decided to go see the bridge that Princess Diana died at. There is a big flame there that many people think is to represent the place she died but it was actually there long before that happened. It is there to represent the French-American friendship.

Kim had told us about a market that is set up on the street near the bridge so we went wandering down some streets to find it but we just ended up seeing some pretty streets on Paris. We decided to head back to the Eiffel Tower since it was a sunny day and we could get some better pictures. We walked underneath it and on to the other side towards the Parc du Champs de Mars and the École Militaire. We took a side street of from there and found a cute little place to eat where Mamie and I shared some Ravioli and got some peach ice tea. Afterwards we got some Nutella crepes that were just outside our restaurant. Mmmm. They never get old.

Then the wandering really started. We walked down a random street and just keeps walking wherever we wanted to go. Somehow we ended up and this cute little park, so we decided to sit down and watch the children play in the grass and ride their scooters. We sat there for almost an hour and talked. Then we took the same route back and stopped in some stores that we had seen on our way. Most of it was too expensive so we didn't buy anything.
To find our way home we followed the Eiffel Tower and when we reached it we heard a band playing right under it. They looked like a bunch of friends who just thought it would be a good idea to start a band and play under the Eiffel Tower. They were making a ton of money though. They were really quirky and played some well-known songs which Mamie and I did little dances too. And we gave them some money because they were so fun to watch. Afterwards we were quite tired, so we decided to head back to Kim and Scott's. They were all home because it is the weekend and they were getting ready to go to a movie. We said goodbye and thanked them for letting us stay, after getting directions on how to get back to the train station. Then they left and since we are so exhaused we are just laying around till we head to catch our train. It was a great trip but I'm gonna need a vacation after my vacation. Wow. Paris is beautiful and I'm sad to leave it but I'm pretty sure I'll be back in the spring to see Versailles, and I'm ready to go home to Tours after a great trip.

Some more crazy/interesting things I saw today: There is a poster of a magazine that has a girl with her top off. On the street. And another with a girl flashing a camera. No editing. I couldn't believe it.

There are places all over Paris where you can rent bikes. If you have a French bank card you just swipe it over the circle and it releases the bike. Such a good idea!

We went to that restaurant today and it must have been right over the metro because every time it went under us the whole restaurant shook. Love it!

When we eat at French restaurants we take as long as they want and they don't bother us at all. Nothing like the US where the better 'turn time' you have means the better waiter you are. In-out-you're done. France you are expected to sit for like two hours. But they don't check on you like in the states either. Once you are seated and have your food that's the last time you really see your waiter until you ask for "l'addition" or check, which you do have to ask for by the way. It's not french etiquette to bring it un-asked for.

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  1. "Some more crazy/interesting things I saw today: There is a poster of a magazine that has a girl with her top off. On the street. And another with a girl flashing a camera. No editing. I couldn't believe it."

    Yep! that's France! :p
    No Nipplegate here! that's for sure!