Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dernière semaine avant le repos

This week has been mostly uneventful. I had my Orientation Leader interview on Saturday which went alright. It was hard over the computer...I felt really uneasy, so we'll see if I did alright or not. The rest of saturday was lazy. I got some homework done so I didn't have to worry about cramming it in on the last minute on Sunday.

Sunday we woke up really late. But after brunch we still managed to get ready and go to the Musée de Beaux Arts. It's an art museum right in Tours that we pass to go to school everyday. We went because it is free every 1st Sunday of each month. Honestly the best part about it was the HUGE tree in the garden....I'm not really a huge art museum fan. After than the girls an I went to get a chocolate treat we found in the window of a store. We then went home and split it between the 4 of us. It was wonderful.
That night Romain and Alban came to pick us up and we went to a restaurant and got some hot chocolate and watched the Marseilles soccer game. Marseilles won! So Romain was happy :)

The next day I had class at 2:00pm so I slept most of the day. Monday's are hard because it's 2 two hour classes in a row. I always am falling asleep by the end of my last one because, mainly it gets over at 6, and it's dark out by the time I walk home. I walk home alone so it's not my favorite night. Cold, dark and 30 minute walk isn't a picnick.

Tuesday's are my early morning day. Yuck. I have to walk out the door at 9:00 to get to class on time, but by the time I get there I need a nap. Class was interesting. We have this very outgoing Greek man in my class and he just doesn't quite comprehend anything. He shouts...and when I say shouts I mean SHOUTS out answers that either 1) don't make sense, or 2)that someone has already said just before him. It cracks us all up, but I think after just a few days we're going to be quite annoyed. After than class I went to meet my marraine (litterally translated "godmother" but we call them our 'buddies') Emeline and we went to my first Creperie. Mmmmm So good. I got a crepe with sautéed onions, cheese, and ham. Then we got crepes with Nutella for desert. And if you don't know what Nutella is...I suggest you drop when you are doing, go to the store, and buy a jar. It's expensive, but if you like chocolate you won't regret it!! It's so easy to talk to Emeline in French. I talk so much when she and I are together. I think I need to spend more time with her. She speaks just the right amount of slow...not like pronunciating every word all seperate and slow...but slow/clear enough that I catch everything and she enunciates her words perfectly. I have no trouble understanding...Romain should learn from her haha! I had 2 hours between the time I said goodbye to Emeline, so went to my little bookstore with the café and I got a hot chocolate and planned out my trip to Paris!! After that I went to my new translation class that I started last week. Apparently we had a test that I didn't know about so I had to wing it. It was awful. But somehow I finished it and I may just have made it through.

The guys called us that night. All 3 of them wanted to see us so we met them at a place near our house and just went and spoke some French. We weren't there for long because they had to work i the morning but it was the first time we've really seen them during the week so that was nice. That night the girls and Grant just stayed up and talked for hours. I went to bed way too late, so this morning I didn't wake up too well. I had a lot of homework that I still needed to do so I got in the shower, raced downstairs to eat breakfast, then I worked on my homework and got about half done before I had to run to class. Today was the first day I understood most of what was going on in my class. It made me feel good. After class Romain came to pick me up and we went back to his house for the afternoon. We went to a Boulangerie to get me lunch and to get Valeria a baguette (an inside joke between us Cobbers and Romain). He helped me with some phrases that I've needed since I got here and that I use all the time. I wrote them all down in my little book, along with some french slang that they don't teach us in school. I took the train home because he had soccer practice. The train ride took 9 minutes and cost 1.50 Euro. I walked all the way home with my baguette and it made me feel like I was super French. Haha and that's my story!!
5 days till Paris!!

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