Saturday, February 20, 2010

Le Louvre

We woke up today at 10:00am after being so worn out from the long week. But the sun was shining and since we had only planned to go to the Louvre we decided to change our plans and see if we could hit Sainte Chapelle since we had missed it yesterday. We stood in the long line again for about 1/2 an hour only to put our things through a x-ray belt and walk through a metal detector in a matter of 3 minutes and then we were in. The security was for the Palais de Justice which was apparently right next to us so even the church guests had to go through it.

Inside we had to walk around the church and stand in another line to buy our tickets. Again they were free for European Union students so we just walked up and handed them our students cards. Those things work magic! The walls of this cathedral were just beautiful. They were mostly stained glass and there was one large circular window that looked like Notre Dame, and it was sunny so the whole room just glowed. The estimated time to spend at this church is 1 hour. We stayed 10 minutes. Granted it's beautiful, but I don't know how you could spend 1 full hour in there unless you looked at every different picture in the stained glass. haha!

Directly outside there was a cute little place to eat so Mamie and I went in and grabbed a seat. The little waiter was just as cute as can be and quite flamboyant. I got Quiche Lorraine which was a little more expensive than I normally spend on lunch but it was worth it. Afterwards Mamie and I went and got a Nutella crepe which he made right there in front of us. It was cool to watch and then he loaded it with Nutella again....yum! That was on our way to the Jardin du Luxembourg, where Kim told us is just a beautiful place in the summer. We thought we'd stop by since it was a sunny day and we were in that part of Paris. We sat down for a little while but we found that it was too cold to sit in one place for too song so we decided it was time to head to the Louvre.

We spend most of the rest of the day at the Louvre. When we walked in I almost died. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when we arrived and when Mamie said: "this is it!" I immediately thought I should have slept more last night. We started out looking for the Venus de Milo but the map was a little confusing at first so we ended up in the opposite corner. (Number 15, not Salle 15...oh well) It was a cool part of the Louvre anyway. We walked around the whole first floor and saw all the key parts we wanted to see. Venus de Milo, The Dying Slave by Michelangelo, The Winged Victory, The Wedding Feast, The Sacre de Napolean, and the Mona Lisa. The only thing we missed was the upside down pyramid....don't know how we missed it but, it's not a big deal.

After that we took the metro home and went to another little restaurant on Rue Cler called Café du Marché which was relatively cheap. I got the most amazing chicken I've had here and we both got the cocktail of the day. Pineapple something or other. It was good but had a little more kick that I wanted. Right after that we went home and crashed. I was asleep before 9:00 pm. Long but good day.

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