Saturday, February 6, 2010

Les Journées

Friday, yesterday, I woke up late and was being lazy. I didn't want to move even though I knew my friends were going to pick me up at noon. Romain finally called and said they were going to be early I got out of bed and got ready. They took me out to McDonalds, which is nothing like McDonalds in the US. When you walk in there are touch screens where you place your order and then it prints you off a receipt and you take it up to the front where you pay and get your food. And they don't have a Euro Menu like we have the Dollar Menu. They're McDonalds is expensive. Thomas got a sandwich fries and a drink for 11.50 Euro. That's like $15 dollars! I told him that in the US you could have bought all of our meals for maybe $10. They couldn't believe that. But their McDonalds is honestly better than ours. I'll give them that much.

After lunch we went to visit Valeria's man, Aurélien, who we like to call La Poire. It means The Pear, because his last name is Poirier and Thomas gave that nickname to him when they were 14! He was working at a store that sort of resembles Target. And I found some shoes there that he was going to get for me...he gets a 15% discount. :)

Then we went to Romain's house. It's a cute little yellow house with a white picket fence. His room is on the top floor and it's sort of like a loft with low slanted ceilings. He has his own bathroom a large bed and probably the largest movie collection I have ever seen under his big screen tv. We played Sing Star which is sort of like Rockband except with just the voices. I made him sing the songs that I knew, which were Brittany Spears and Spice Girls so it was pretty hilarious. Though he ended up beating me everytime's just cuz he's had practice.

Then we put in Monty Python - Life of Brian. Last weekend when we went to the castle I quoted Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Romain almost died. He said I was the only girl that had quoted Monty Python to him ever. He asked me if I had seen Life of Brian and I said no so that's why we watched it. It was great. I can't believe I hadn't seen it before! It was in English with French subtitles but I found myself reading the subtitles and not listening to them speak. It was really confusing at first but it was fun to try and read the subtitles and understand them. The movie ended too late for me to catch the train home so Romain ended up having to drive me. I got home and we had what I like to call mush for dinner. It's quite good but it definitely looks like green mush. I think it's spinach something or other.

I went to bed fairly early. But Romain had given me some episodes of How I Met Your Mother which is supposedly very funny, so I watch one of those before bed. Mamie was already sleeping but I was laughing out loud. I can see why he likes it so much.

Then today we had brunch at 1:30...we were all starving by the time the bell rang and we all ran downstairs. But I had to eat quickly and get ready because I have an interview for being an Orientation Leader right now. Siri Prestion just added me on Skype so I'm going to go. Wish me luck!

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