Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Day in Paris!!

First day In Paris!! We bought our train tickets online from Tours to Paris for very cheap. When we got to the station we realized why. We had to switch trains in Saint-Pierre-de-Corps which is only about 5 mins from Tours. So we figured we'd take the risky road and get on the train that we were going to get on anyway in Saint-Pierre-de-Corps. No one checked our tickets and our other train was late so we ended up saving ourselves a lot of worry.

We got to Paris and went to find our bus stop but we ended up looking for it for probably half an hour. When we got on, it only took about 25 minutes to reach the house of the friends we are staying with. They are American and live in an apartment above the Eglise Americaine (American Church) in Paris. We thought it would be small but we were greeted with a huge beautiful mansion looking apartment. Kim had set up a bed for Mamie and I in their gigantic living room and when we close the door it's our own private room. We called Valeria and she said they were already at the Eiffel Tower waiting for us, so after some sweet ice tea, a cookie made by Matthew the 7 year old, and a lesson on how to get into the apartment with the keys, we took off into Paris!!!

(Our room)

We met Valeria under the Eiffel Tower. She said they had been to the front of the line 3 times waiting for us to show up. So we bought our tickets and took the elevator to the 2 floor. It was incredible. I took so many pictures! The third floor was closed when we got there, but after about half an hour they opened it again so we went all the way to the top! I felt like I could see all of Paris... And I loved it!! It's a white city. Not like American cities where everything is dark and gray looking. I fell in love.

Then we went to the Palais de Chaillot across the river from Eiffel Tower where we took more photos of us leaning on it or picking it up. We were outside for so long we were all frozen, so we went to a resturant where we bought a bottle of rose wine a warm meal and dessert. I got chicken with fries and flan for dessert. We sat there for almost 3 hours I think! Then we went back to Palais de Chaillot where we waited for 9:00 to roll around so we could see the Eiffel Tower sparkle. It was incredible. These guys kept coming around to sell us little Eiffel tower statues for 1 Euro and I kept just waving them away because I was so enthralled. There, we said goodbye to Valeria and walked home. We talked to Kim and Scott for a little and learned about the church and how they came to live there. Then we crawled into our nice warm bed after planning our next day. Day 1 in Paris!

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