Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Home Again Home Again...

Back in Tours, But our trip home was not as relaxing as I expected it to be...
Somehow we ended up leaving later than expected from Kim and Scott's and while taking the bus may seem like the best choice it most definitely was not. We realized about halfway there that we were not going to make it to our train before it pulled out of the station. When the bus pulled up in front of the Gare (station) we picked up our bags and ran. Mamie took off and before I could look up again she was gone. I had borrowed her bag for the weekend but it did not like to stay on it's wheels and would tip over every time I tried to run so I tried my best. I was pushing threw people and finally I saw Mamie waiting for me and asking directions. She yelled, "Come on Sierra! It's at platform 1!" We were at platform 18. Grrrr. So we ran again and I seriously felt like I was going to die. The train was still there so we quickly composted our tickets and ran in the first open door. The second we were on I leaned against the wall and didn't move for about 3 minutes. Then as the train started moving we walked down the isles to find a spot to sit, but everything was taken. So we stood there, and finally we went into a room that had about 5 other people in it. It was not too bad. Aaron and Mitchell were on our same train so we both went to talk to them for a while, but I coughed all the way home and actually for the next 2 days. I wonder what that was about...

Anyway, Monday it was 54 degrees. In February! We walked out the door and immediately took our jackets off. I was actually hot by the time I got to class. All the french were still bundled up in their big coats. I guess that's what Minnesota does to a person...haha. It's amazing how much the sun affects my mood. I was so happy Monday. Classes were long but I got through them and it was still warm by the time I got out of class and walked home. That night I went to a movie with Romain, my first French movie. I understood...nothing. It was Sherlock Holms so they spoke pretty fast and there was a lot of fighting and explosions to hear over, but I got most of it just from watching what they were doing. It was good regardless!

Yesterday it was warm again and I had to take off my coat again while walking to class. But I could see it was going to rain as I walked into Tanneurs and I knew I had not brought my I hoped that it would rain during my class and then stop. In class we got our tests back. I think I wrote in one of my posts that I didn't know we had that test...well I got a 14/20. And in the American grading system that isn't great. But in the French grading system...which is hard to explain but I'll try, the AVERAGE is 10. However, you have to make at least a 10 to pass a the average French grade on the American grading system would be a 50%. So getting a 70% on a test I didn't even know I had, isn't bad! I hope you all got that...
When I got out of class everything was wet but the sun was shining and it had stopped raining...perfect.

Then today, I thought it would be warm so I pulled out my leather jacket and little flats to wear to class. I must have seen sun earlier in the day but when I walked outside it was cold. Not rainy, but it had rained earlier, and really windy! So I decided to brave it and just go to class. I stopped by a sandwich place to get something to eat before my class and while I was waiting in line deciding what I wanted I pulled out my ear phones and I heard English behind me. I turned around to Grant, Hallie and Joel. None of them had recognized me at all. Grant said, "Wow Sierra you have become very French." Haha I thought it was pretty funny. It was at least 2 minutes before they even noticed I was there.

My class was cancelled but I met two Scottish girls that had just arrived that were going to take that class. I showed them around and made copies for them of our homework that was due next week, and it made me feel really smart. I like knowing what I'm doing now. I also finally turned in my blue sheet so I am officially enrolled in all my university classes as of yesterday.....only took 2 months. Geez.

After that I went to my bookstore while it was raining and got a Vin Chaud. I sat there for probably 2 hours doing the homework that is due next week. It feels good to have it done. I have choir rehearsal for 4 hours this weekend so it will be nice not to have extra homework.

Tonight dinner was really fun actually. We talked at first about adoption and then we moved on to lots of other subjects but I found that I wasn't as afraid to talk anymore. I feel like I can't speak French until I am in a situation where I need to so now I know I can do it and it makes me feel more confident. Like the other day, my parent's friends have a friend that lives in Tours named Noel. He got a hold of my number and called me one afternoon to invite me to dinner. He speaks no English so I arranged a rendezvous with him and his family next weekend. After that I was a little more willing and confident to speak French.

Alright, so I would like to add one thing into my blog that I don't think I have said yet. Before I came to France all everyone ever told me was that the French hate Americans and that French are snooty. Honestly, I was scared to death. I bought clothes to blend in, I tried not to speak English anywhere anyone would hear me. And I was terrified that I didn't know much about France before coming here. But I have yet to find one person that hasn't been so nice to me and been willing to help or talk to me. I find the French to be very sweet people. Maybe I just got lucky but I love everyone I have met so far. My "buddy", Romain and all his friends, Xavier and Jaqueline, my professors, my choir director, the people that helped me start my classes...they are all wonderful people. So if I don't do anything by writing this blog but help someone understand that that is just a stereotype that's all I want!


  1. We ARE snooty!

    But we can be... we are French :p

  2. No no Romain. It's just you that's snooty. All other french people are nice ;)