Saturday, April 24, 2010

Travel Day

April 15th, 2010

Up early to catch the train. We ate one more croissant and nutella before we left and we checked out by 9:00am. We took the train to the station in Pisa, a bus to the airport, a plane to Paris, bus to the metro, metro to the train station where we thought we only had 3 minutes to make our train...then come to find out it was cancelled because of a train strike and we'd have to take the next one to Tours. However, so would everyone else on that train...

It was so full everyone was standing in the isles. I found a nice little spot by the door and popped a squat. It was actually really comfortable and I didn't mind a bit. The big lady standing in front of me was Indian, I think, so she had on this elaborate outfit. Her skirt had little brown furry balls hanging from it, so when no one was looking I would play with them. Ha. I thought that was pretty funny. She eventually sad on the ground by me.

Then one stop everyone got up to get off. She couldn't get back up so I got up to help her, then everyone unloaded at that stop so I got a seat. I'm alone because Mamie and Valeria thought it would be at platform 1 so they went to stand there but I was skeptical so I stayed by the sign that said where it would be. It was in 16, all the way across from where they were. I'm surprised they even made it on. But it's been a nice quiet ride home and I'm ready for some home made food cooked by our very own Jackie in Tours, France.

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