Saturday, April 24, 2010


April 9th, 2010

We woke up again today at 10:00am. We took our time getting ready and then wet Celia for lunch. It was a great lunch and we had wine mixed with carbonated water. It was really good that way! When Val and I went down to the beach and layed there the rest of the day. I actually got a tan! We decided to go get gelato and go home for a little bit to get our journals, so we could take them back to the beach with us and write till the sun went down. It was pretty but it got cold fast so we left and again went searching for a place I could mail my postcard to my uncle, which was again impossible. We went home to dinner at Celia's which was a whole bunch of finger food. Mmm Mmm delicious!

(Cathedral next to the beach)

(Sitges Beach where we layed all day)

(Puça joined in on dinner with us)

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