Saturday, January 16, 2010

Le week-end

The Last weekend before school starts. Everyone went to the Château near Tours today except Aaron and I. Grant is in Rennes visiting some friends so he didn't go either, but today is rainy and cold, so I'm glad I chose to go another day. Instead I'm hoping to get some things done that I've wanted to finish for a while. I lost most of my music on iTunes before I left home so I've slowly been piecing my music playlists back together. It's taking a long time but I've almost got everything back. I'm also going to finalize my classes. I thought I was finished but we found out that we need 20 credits at the university here in Tours which equals out to 7-10 classes depending on the class. The difference here is each class only meets once or twice a week for only an hour and a half. Which makes it hard to reach 200 hours that we must meet in order for our classes to transfer back. I'll have 7 classes total by the time I get everything figured out. Which means 7 finals in May. Ouch.

We went out dancing for the first time on Thrusday night after a hard day of figuring out classes, which ended up being really fun, and we got to meet some nice French people and use our amazing French skills. I've just started to use my French more and more. Especially today at brunch when it was only Aaron and I. I had to use more than I've needed to since I got here. But it's amazing how much I'm beginning to understand. Until, of course, the times they speak directly to me and ask me a question...then I get nothing...haha. However sometimes I still surprise myself with how much I can recall or just guess from knowing Spanish.

I may try to find a coffee shop that I can go to and read today. It's a rainy day and it sounds pretty good to me. Better than being in the house all day. Thank you to all of you who have sent me messages letting me know you are reading my blog! I'm glad you can all feel like you are here with me! Until next time!

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