Thursday, January 21, 2010

First classes

Tuesday was my first day of classes. Translation French<>English. I sat next to a blonde girl that told me she was really nervous. I asked her why and she said she was from Scotland and it was her first day. It made my whole day easier! I was nervous also because I could barely understand the prof or the people around me. But having her there we could work together to understand what everyone was saying. We translated two texts. One from English to French and the other from French to English, the second being a lot easier because English is my first language. About half way through the class the prof looked at Katie and I and asked us in French to explain the diffence between "little better" and "a little better". Katie didn't understand the question, but I I waited for her to try to explain it and then I decided to try. I had to explain in French in front of 25 French students all looking straight at me. But I explained it right and my prof said I did great. But my cover as an American was blown. The class was hard but I enjoyed the work we did and I walked home feeling good about my first day.

The second day I showed up to class (Translation French<>Spanish) and the professor didn't show up. I needed a signiture so I spent the whole hour looking for someone who could help me figure out which class I was in. When I got that figured out I left Tanneurs, the building where all my classes are, and I wandered the streets of Tours for 3 hours. I was looking for a bookstore with a café that I could sit in and read somedays alone. I wandered all through Place Plumereau and down some beautiful streets that I never would have seen if I hadn't been wandering by myself. By 4:00 I was headed home when I saw one more bookstore, so I ducked in quickly just to see what it had. It happened to be the only bookstore I had seen all day with a café and it was perfect. Just what I wanted! I took the long way home and found a place that sold Tartines (french form of pizza) for 1 Euro 90 centimes. I walked all the way home with my warm food and was very content with my day. I walked in the door and immediately collapsed on my bed, exhausted. A good, but long day. I slept for an hour and then got up to go to choir. Choir was good but we worked hard and heard a lot of 'STOP' from out conductor. He really yells stop. And as far as I know...that's not a french word.

Today was the CUEFEE exam to place us in the correct international courses. It was a two hour test and I missed my class and the university because of it. It wasn't hard, but by the time I was writing my last essay I was sick of it so I didn't get the 200 words I was supposed to have. I got about 156 or something. Oh well.

After the test I went to meet my "French Buddy". A girl named Emeline that I was paired with at the university to help me get used to being in France. I met up with her at Tanneurs and we went to a café for hot chocolate. We sat outside in 40 degree weather (the patios are all still open) and drank our hot chocolate and talked for almost 2 hours completely in French!!! It was amazing and she was so easy to talk to and understand. We talked about everything and she said my French was very good for only studying it for 1 year. By the time I was headed home I was super happy... and very cold! But we had a great time and I am very blessed to have such a great French friend!

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