Monday, January 11, 2010

It's here!

Yesterday was a lazy day. I woke up around 1:30 and had Jaqueline's amazing brunch, but immediately went back to bed because I didn't feel well. I then slept till 5:00pm and woke up to Mamie asking if I wanted to go out shopping with everyone. So we went out and got some clothes and took some pictures of the town. That night we had dinner which was rabbit and potatoes. I'm glad I didn't know it was rabbit until after dinner...

We played some games downstairs after we ate and we decided that the next day we would get up early and go out to get our cellphones. Because I had slept all day I had trouble sleeping that night and I woke up multiple times, then finally decided to get up at 7am and watch a movie on my computer. I got half way through when I heard Valeria screaming my name and then I realized the doorbell was ringing. By the time I got my jeans on and got down the stairs Joel was already at the door, and the man outside was hauling in my suitcase!!! Joel took it upstairs for me and I dove into it making a mess of Mamie's and my room. I threw on some clean clothes, put on some makeup and ran downstairs to eat breakfast with everyone.

Then we were off to get our phones. We walked into "Orange", the phone store and within minutes we were all set up with new French phones. For the first 20 minutes after we got back to the house we all sat in Valeria's room setting up our ringtones, backgrounds, color scemes, and exploring the games and extra features. There were a lots of clicking keys and messaging sounds and barely any talking.

Now we are getting ready to go out again for lunch. The temperature has gone up a bit so it's not as cold and we can stay out longer. The January sales are great so I'll probably get some clothes now before everything is full Euro price again! À bientôt mes amis!!


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