Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chose Bizarres

Yesterday I went to my Spanish/French Translation class. I am the only foreign student in the class and I sat alone. When the teacher came in she called everyone's names except mine. I then had to tell her in front of the whole class that I was from the United States and I would be attending her class. Talk about nerve racking! I thought the class would be in Spanish however I was mistaken. We talk mainly in french and directly translate the text right off the paper. Being the foreign student I figured I was safe from being called but since it's French, I have to watch her lips as well as listen to what she's saying, so I forgot the "don't make eye contact with the prof" rule. She called on me first. So I got the privilage to translate the first line. Granted it was the easiest line, it still made me nervous. But I did alright! After class the professor told me to tell her if I needed help with anything, and some girls next to me told me I could work with them next week. I had made it through class #1 by myself. My next class was in building Fromont, a 20 minute walk from Tanneurs. I walked though the market that was set up on the street for the day and got to my class about 30 minutes early. Hallie met me there and we talked for a while. Before class one of the students was writing 'Welcome' in every language on the board, we all ended up helping him and I was the only one that knew it in Spanish. Then my class started. My teacher was odd to say the least, and quite hard to understand. It's a creative writing class so she's having us do simulations and then write stories about the people. I chose the simulation about an appartment complex. We make the people and create stories about them. It took a long time since everyone was very opinionated...especially the Russian chick.

I had to leave that class early because my choir starts the same time that class ends and it's a 30 minutes walk. About halfway I met one of the girls that was in my choir and we walked and talked. She didn't seem concerned in the least that we were almost 20 minutes late. After choir I went up to my director and told him (in French!) That I had a conflict with my class and I would be late every day. He said that was just fine and not to worry.

At dinner I felt compelled to speak French since I had been speaking it all day anyway. It's really the first time I've spoken at the dinner table besides just little comments, or to ask someone to pass the bread. So it was a pretty big deal for me. I'm getting more and more confident.

Today I had my final Spanish class. Dr. Rawson wrote me beforehand and said that she thinks Choir could count into my 20 credits so I wouldn't need to take it, however I decided to try it anyway and I loved it. It's completely in Spanish and it's just keeping me updating on Spanish so I don't forget it. I'll take it probably if I have to or not.

After class I was just walking around town like I usually do and I started to notice the outfits of people walking on the street. I feel like French women are in a fashion contest every day. They all look beautiful all the time. High heels, dress pants, necklaces, scarves, hats, coats. It's pretty ridiculous. And kinda makes me jealous I don't look like that everyday. I also saw so many baggettes! People just walking around with a baggette in hand, no bag, just a napkin and a baggette. So French :) In France the pedestrian have the right-of-way. And not like the States, the French have the right-of-way regardless if they are on a crosswalk or not. It's incredible...but hard to get used to...I keep thinking one day I'm just going to get run over. And whoever said their is dog poop everywhere on the sidewalks wasn't lying. Watch your step! That's pretty hard for someone with no peripheral vision.... But I haven't done it yet!
One last random useless bit of information. It's 38 degrees here today and their fountains are still running. They don't turn them off. LOVE IT!

Miss you all and hope you are staying warm!!! À bientôt!

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