Sunday, May 2, 2010

Niiiice Nice

Today I'm headed to Nice. I got up to catch my train and I brought a French magazine before so I could read it on the way. It's a 2.5 hour train ride which is just beautiful so I enjoyed the whole ride there. My hostel is less than 2 minutes from the train station and it's a cute little place with very nice people. I walked in and Robert greeted me in English and gave me my room key. When I went upstairs I was greeted byEilou (pronounced I-loo) who was cleaning my room. He's from England and speaks no French. We talked for a little while then he told me I could get a map from Robert at the desk. Robert is from Germany and speaks perfect English. He gave me a map and told me all of the best places to go. So I took off into Nice. Only 4 blocks from my hostel is where I fell in love with the city. It was a street filled with beautiful trees and gorgeous buildings. And only 4 blocks from there is the beach. It was sunny and beautiful so I walked down the Promenade Des Anglais by the beach to Vieux Nice where I saw the marche des fleurs, which is a cute little flower market. I also saw the Opera house and the Palais de Justice.

From there I decided to continue down the beach to the mountain where the Chateau is because I saw some waterfalls that people were walking around by and I wanted to try to see them. I found the stairs up the mountain and because the sun was out I stripped down to my tank top; there were a lot of stairs! It was beautiful up there and the sights were breathtaking! I found my way over to the waterfalls where I enjoyed the water mist before walking around the other side to see the port. I was lucky it was such a pretty day.

I came back down and wandered around to find some fountains I had seen from the mountain. I spent some time in that plaza and watched some boys try to breakdance before I bought some lunch. I took my lunch down to the beach where I saw a guy selling some beautiful paintings. He asked me if I spoke French and I told him yes. We ended up talking for over an hour in French. Then he let me eat my lunch on the beach and then we talked again for probably another hour. He was a fun old man and always joking, so some things went over my head but he was very kind. I want to buy one of his paintings but they are expensive.

From there I walked home and I got a pizza, drink and ice cream for 5 euro. Not bad. It was a big pizza too so I shared it with the guys downstairs. When I went upstairs and met my roommates who are 2 Indian guys that live in England. They were very kind and we talked late, until our other roommate showed up. Jill from Canada. He is quite strange. I went to bed kinda late because he wouldn't stop talking to me, so finally I put my head phones in and I was asleep within minutes.

It had been a great first day in Nice.

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