Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Last Minutes in Marseille

Today was my last day in Marseille. I was seriously planning on just staying in the hostel, but that's just not me. I got up and turned my key and sheets in, then ordered breakfast and theguy working there started talking to me. We spoke French even though I heard him earlier speaking perfect English to someone else. I told him I had 3 hours left and no idea what to do. It was partially sunny today so he said to go up to the Notre Dame de la Garde, but I had already been there yesterday. So he said another great place to go is the coasts down by the islands. He told me which bus to take so I took off and paid 1.50 euro for a bus ticket that took me all right along side the coast. I got some amazing pictures.

When the bus started to turn inland I got off and walked to the beach. It was bright and sunny and warm, so I was on cloud 9! The beach was beautiful and it glowed bright blue when the sun was shining, and the sky was bright blue and the grass was so green! It smelled like my grandparents yard in Arizona and I couldn't have been happier to be there. And I was going to stay in my hostel all day...ha!

I crossed the grass where some guys were playing soccer and walked down to the beach. I took my shoes off and stuck my toes in the water. On one side of me I had huge bluffs of white rocky mountains; on the other I had the islands where the Chateau D'If is. Behind me was a port with boats and also some guys playing soccer in the grass, and in front of me was nothing but blue water, and way off in the distance I could see a light house. This completely changed my mind about Marseille. It truly is a beautiful, beautiful city.

I caught the bus back along the coast and I calculated that I still had some time, so if I wanted to remake my memory of Notre Dame de la Garde I could do that today. It wasn't sunny by the time I got back to Vieux Port but it wasn't raining like yesterday either. So I hopped on a bus up the mountain and spent 20 minutes taking the pictures I wish I could have taken the day before.

After that I took the bus and then the metro back to my hostel. I grabbed my stuff, but my friend wasn't there to thank for the advice, so I left and got on the next bus to the airport. I was there quite early but it's good that way because when I can't find where to check in I could just do it in frustration instead of panic. I did finally find it and I went through security and everything before I realized that I had no money to get from the airport in Tours to Tours Centre. I hoped the bus driver would just take me and I could pay at the station.

When I did get there the man on the bus was fine with me paying afterwards. That saved me a lot of hassle. So I went and got him his 5 euro after and then took off to the house. I was so excited to be home I almost ran! When I got in I suprised everyone. They were all seated down to dinner and they had no idea I was coming home, but I got a big plate of food anyway and ate happily since the only thing I'd had to eat that day was breakfast. I told them all about my adventures and for some reason my French was incredible.

I had a really great trip and I'm so glad I went, but I am so happy to be back in Tours! :) :)

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