Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Planning and More Planning

Spring break is coming up and Valeria, Mamie and I have been planning like crazy. We knew that if we didn't buy our tickets now everything would be over $100 euro, so we started....I guess kinda early.

Val and I bought our tickets from Spain to Italy first where we will meet Mamie in Pisa. We're planning on spending most of our time in Florence but we fly in and out of Pisa. Then we bought our flight back to Paris and then our train ticket from Paris to Tours. So we had the second part of our trip all planned out. We already knew we were going to Spain, but then today since we had 8 days before we had to meet Mamie we decided it would be fun to go to London for a few of those days. We finalized our tickets just an hour ago! Tours to London via train-->London to Barcelona via plane-->Barcelona to Pisa via Plane-->Pisa/Florence to Paris via plane--> and then from Paris to Tours via train all in two weeks! It's going to be a crazy trip but so much fun!

So the past few days have been pretty normal, with a few exceptions. On Saturday Romain and I had to take Alban to the hospital because he twisted his ankle during soccer practice. We waited there for 2.5 hours, but Romain and I played some games on our iPhones and then he helped me with my homework. Alban ended up getting a cast and crutches, but his ankle isn't broken...they're only leaving it on for a week and I think he stays on the crutches for a month. He's crazy on those things. lol. After he got out we went outside and we saw a car crash. It was screeching on it's two right wheels and I was sure it was going to tip over but it just went into the ditch on the other side of the road facing the other direction. We ran over to them but they were all ok so we left. Not as exciting as I wanted it to be but I thank God that they are ok. On Sunday Romain picked me up after his game and we went to McDonalds with his teammates. I made Romain try a fry with his McFlurry...apparently everyone thinks that is disgusting here! Weird French people ;) Then we went to a soccer game and met Mamie and Alban to watch one of our friends, Davy, play. It wasn't that good of a game, but it's an experience that I've never had before. I wasn't dressed appropriately for the weather though...it was cold. Romain's dad bought me a vin chaud and Romain gave me his sweater and socks since I only had flats on lol. That day I spoke only French for most of the day. It was so hard and I got stuck a lot but Romain helped me...even though I made a fool of myself sometimes. I swear, French words all sounds the same. If you don't get one vowel right the whole word is ruined. I got really frustrated at one point but I made it through it...and I just have to keep going, no matter how frustrating it is!

Monday was normal but I went over to Romain's house to eat with his family. I get a lot more attention there than I do eating with my "family" at our house so I have to speak French a lot more. We talked about the French health care system and how different it is from ours. But they didn't know that we don't pay as much taxes as we do. Somehow I think it equals out but free health care seems pretty nice to me. For dinner I had scallops, rice, and a croissant with ham and cheese. SOOOO good. Last time I was there I ate frog legs! FROG LEGS!!! I only had one...but they tasted just like chicken. I just didn't like the idea of it. Freaks me out. Anyway, after dinner I asked Romain's mom if he had any pictures of him when he was a baby. She was so excited to show them to me and went and pulled 4 albums out of the closet. I got to make fun of him for a good half hour after that. He was a pretty cute blond baby, definitely not the same as now with his dark hair.

Today I'm getting ready to go to class after stressful waiting of C-port to work on the Concordia website so I can sign up for my classes next semester. It's still not working and I have to go so hopefully it won't be working until 5:30 cuz that's the soonest I can come home! But I have to leave now or I won't make it to my class! Miss you all!!

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