Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Tuesday after class, I hadn't eaten all day so I decided instead of buying the usual panini I would get a quiche from the boulangerie on my way home. It was a Quiche Lorraine... mmmm. When I got home I walked into the kitchen where Jacqueline was making dinner to put my quiche in the microwave. I ended up talking to her while I ate and she made her delicious meatballs. It's the first time I've really talked to Jackie just me and her since I moved in. There are a lot of people in this house. But it was nice to finally not feel the pressure of everyone staring me down while I try to speak french at the dinner table. We just had a casual conversation. Afterwards, while I was in my room, Mathias came in an started playing with me. He normally doesn't because he has many other people in this house that he can bother, so when he comes to play with me I usually give in. I had the movie Beauty and the Beast (in French) sitting on my table and he started to tell me about all the movies he had, like Ice Age, but he said it was in Spanish! So after playing for a little he ran downstairs to get it and we put it in to watch. He can understand Spanish but he doesn't speak it very well. Anyway, we watched that until the dinner bell rang and we went downstairs where I met Fabiola's friend from Peru. Then Jacqueline, Luze, Fabiola, and Fabiola's friend were all speaking Spanish for the rest of dinner. My brain was going crazy. When I hear Spanish I start to think in it, but when I open my mouth to speak, it always came out French. By the end of dinner I was switching back and forth between the 2 languages, and I loved it. Actually to tell you the truth, the Americans on the other end of the table were speaking English (like they always do now, and it gets super annoying. Even at the dinner table where we are supposed to speak only French), Jacqueline and that end of the table were speaking Spanish, and then to talk to each other we were speaking French. So I was switching from Spanish to French to English to French to Spanish, and it was AMAZING!! I really found what I love to do.

Today I had my class at 1:30 like usual so I got ready to go and walked there...unfortunately I decided to wear my new shoes that day and by the time I reached Tanneurs my heels were acutally bleeding. It hurt all class, and to top that off I did the wrong homework so I didn't have it ready and she called on me first. That test next week is going to be hard if it was anything like that! I had to walk home after that...and I was scared for my feet. They already stung like crazy so I put some tissues in the back and treked home. Not a good day for my feet. After I cleaned them up and changed shoes, Valeria and Mamie came home with baguettes, ham and cheese to make sandwiches in the park right by our house. The guys came to join us and we spent the afternoon in the park together. It was sunny, warm and beautiful. I wish everyday if France would be that gorgeous! We also saw a kid get arrested in the park. There were over 10 police officers there for a kid that was about 16...I think it was a little excessive, but something big must have happened!

(Left to right: Romain, Alban, Mamie, Valeria)
After that I had choir rehearsal, so I went to that while Val and Mamie went home. It was too it is everyday, but it was needed! Bruckner is going to harder that Verdi's Requiem...even though it's only like 5 minutes long opposed t0 1.5 hours. It's definitely hard!
We got home just in time for dinner, which we ate quickly and then got ready to go out. It was St. Patrick's day and we promised each other we would go out even if the French didn't celebrate St. Patty's day. But they do. Everyone and their brother was out. Romain was trying to surprise me and show up after telling me he wasn't coming, but we ended up running into them before he could make his big entrance. We went to one place, but it was to crowded, and then Aaron came to find us and said they had room at their table...which they didn't. So we found another place that was relatively empty. In other words, everyone was out on the patio so we had the inside to ourselves. I got a glass of Vouvray wine. It's my favorite wine that I've found so far. And the girls got special drinks...that were way overpriced! It was a very calm St. Patty's, but bigger for me because I've never celebrated it in my life. Afterwards we spoke Spanish to Luze and her friends in Place Plumereau, and Romain showed off his Spanish skills...he didn't do too bad! Then they took us home and I'm exhausted so I'm off to bed. Goodnight!

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