Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just the beginning

Hey everyone!
As you all know I'm headed to France here pretty soon for the semester and I hate that at the beginning of my travels I have to say goodbye to you all. I will miss you all dearly, but I promise to stay in touch! That's why I'm starting this blog and I'm going to attempt to update it regularly so that those interested can know what I'm doing in France and follow me through my travels around Europe! Please feel free to comment so that I feel like someone is reading...haha!

I will be missing you all at Concordia. It's hard to leave during the semester when everything is going on without me. But I hope you all have a great second semester and please KEEP IN TOUCH!
To my friends and family at home, I will miss so much! Keep me in your prayers because Europe is a big step for me and you all know how I'm feeling right now: excited but very nervous.

I will be leaving for Colorado on the 19th of December to spend Christmas at home and then I will be flying to France on the 6th of December with my friend Aaron who is also going with me. I will miss you all! Please come say goodbye before I leave if I haven't had the chance to see you yet! And please keep up on this blog if you are interested!

Merry Christmas everyone and have a great break!

Sierra Sweet


  1. Barbara sends her first comment!!
    I'll miss you, too, but I'm so excited for you. You have so many wonderful experiences to which you can look forward. Sometimes, it may seem a bit lonely or difficult. But remember you are strong and much loved, and these times will make you even stronger.
    We are all looking forward to hearing about your adventures - and check out if the French people really do use the "pooch" when they speak!
    All the best from Barbara

  2. Sierra!

    So, I am thinking about you a lot right now! I am working on your present at the moment and I hope you like and use it :)


  3. Ah zee French adventure continues!